Update to the Edwards Cash Solicitation Story

I got a message for a correction from Mary Ann Akers at The Sleuth stating that she broke the Edwards campaign cash for Elizabeth Edwards sympathy messages first:

When you visit the John Edwards for President Web site, you’re invited to send a sympathy note to the Edwardses. And tens of thousands of well wishers have done so since that heart-wrenching news conference two weeks ago at which Elizabeth Edwards courageously discussed her incurable cancer.

What those well wishers get in return — e-mail messages soliciting contributions to Edwards’s campaign.

Visitors to the Edwards site who choose to “send a note to Elizabeth and John” are first taken to a heartfelt letter from the candidate that was written the day after he learned that his wife’s cancer had returned. Edwards thanks readers for their “prayers and wishes,” vows that he and Elizabeth will “keep a positive attitude always look for the silver lining” and declares that “our campaign goes on and it goes on strongly.”

She is correct as her blog post was on April 4, 2007 compared to the New York Post story on April 5th. Score another for the blogosphere but you won’t hear that anywhere else. No mention in the Post story, they make it sound like they broke the exclusive story.

Thanks for the info maa.