My Response from the Edwards Camp

John Edwards '08Dear Greg,Thank you very much for sending a note to Elizabeth. I can’t tell you how much the outpouring of kind sentiments means to her. She’s working on responding to all the correspondence but, in the mean time, she wanted you to know that she just had a great few days on the road in Iowa and New Hampshire with John, Cate, Jack, and Emma Claire.If you would like to continue to receive e-mails from the John Edwards campaign with other opportunities to get involved, please click the link below to sign up for our general campaign mailing list.

Thanks again for your kind words and support.


Jonathan Prince
Deputy Campaign Manager
John Edwards For President

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I guess they didn’t bother to actually read that part where I asked how much my heartfelt condolences were going to cost me. 🙂 Unbelievable. (Notice the small print included to unsubscribe from email now available)

The thing that gets me most is look at who electronically signs the letter thanking me for my concerns about Liz Edwards….a deputy campaign manager… just why would you have a deputy campaign manager handling sympathy letters to your wife unless you were planning all along to use it in your campaign as an advantage to gain the sympathy and donations of voters?

There should be a call for Edwards to stop his campaign all together and return all donations. The guy is literally exploiting cancer to fund his campaign…..either return the money or donate all monies received from this tact to the cancer foundation. Edwards, tend to your wife and her illness, take care of your family, forget about the presidency, you’ve just commited political suicide, you will not get elected.

Disclaimer: As for who broke the story first, I actually watched it on MSNBC and researched and just used whatever story I could find, nice job though busting the NY Post. Goes to show how tactless and misleading mass media can be.