Giuliani takes on Oil

From the AP

By BRENDAN FARRINGTON, Associated Press Writer Wed Apr 4, 4:47 PM ET

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani on Wednesday said everything has to be considered if the United States wants to break its reliance on foreign oil, including more drilling off Florida’s coast.

Calling the energy supply a major domestic problem, Giuliani said the nation needs to focus on nuclear power production and renewable energy sources. In the meantime it also needs to see what oil can be tapped, he said.

“Energy independence means everything has to be open for discussion,” Giuliani said when asked about offshore drilling. “The idea of having more oil under our command, so to speak, or within our orbit probably for some period of time is going to be important. The ultimate goal, however, should be renewable sources of energy.”

Florida’s congressional delegation has been fighting attempts to open more of the Gulf of Mexico to drilling, saying the threat of spills could damage beaches, the environment and tourism.

The former New York mayor cited Brazil’s use of ethanol as an example the United States should follow.

“Brazil’s a wonderful country, wonderful economy, wonderful scientific community — it’s not the United States of America. Why should they be ahead of us on ethanol? We should be ahead of them. That should be our goal,” he said.

If the United States concentrates on new or improved technologies for energy production, it can then turn around and sell them to countries like India and China who have a growing demand, he said.

“That’s the way America grows in global trade,” Giuliani said. “Energy independence is a great industry for us. Let’s think about this like business people.”

Is it just me or is Rudy determined to model our country after damn near 3rd world south american countries, first he buddies up with Hugo Chavez and now he swoons over Brazil? So Rudy…when do the cocaine processing plants move to NY?