McCain vs. Obama

From the AP:

By BRENDAN FARRINGTON, Associated Press Writer Wed Mar 28, 8:57 PM ET

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. – Republican presidential candidate John McCain (news, bio, voting record), who has criticized the conduct of the Iraq war, said Wednesday the situation in Iraq is changing under a new commander and strategy.

And Democratic rival Barack Obama (news, bio, voting record), for one, ought to take notice, the Arizona senator said.

“We are now executing a new counterinsurgent strategy. We have a new general in command who believes in it,” McCain said during a campaign swing in Florida.President Bush recently put Gen. David Petraeus in charge of his strategy for sending 21,500 troops and thousands of additional military personnel to Iraq in an effort to quell the violence and allow the government to gain its footing.“If Senator Obama could take a few minutes out of his day to examine the early progress made by General Petraeus, I think he would realize the status quo is changing,” McCain said.Earlier in the day, Obama, an Illinois senator, said McCain wants an indefinite occupation in Iraq, which Obama said would lead to spending $100 billion a year and thousands of Americans dying while the United States loses its standing in the world.

“I don’t think that serves the best interests of the United States,” Obama said on CNN. “And I don’t think it will ultimately result in the kind of stabilization in Iraq that’s necessary.”

McCain says lets stay and open a Wal-Mart, Obama says let’s just beat a trail outta there and let em suffer in chaos, and I say…..Nate my dad can beat up your dad.