Obvious Endorsements

Filed under the “every saw that coming” category is the following:

From The Politico:

Rev. Jesse Jackson, a two-time presidential candidate and influential Democrat, told The Politico today that he plans to vote for Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) in the Democratic primary.

“He’ll get my vote,” said Jackson, who has also warned Obama not to take the black vote for granted.

You had Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton making statements like “just because Obama’s black doesn’t mean he’ll get my vote”. I laughed every time I heard it and this is why. What would surprise me would be a story about Jesse Jackson planning to vote for Tom Tancredo, now that’s news.

And Hillary’s obvious endorsement from AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton declared Wednesday that if you look up the word “feminist” in a dictionary, you’ll find her.

Clinton received the endorsement of the National Organization for Women, a group of half a million members who support feminist candidates for elective office.

Asked if she viewed herself as a feminist, Clinton said by the standard definition, yes.

“If you look in the dictionary, the word feminist means someone who believes in equal rights for women in society, in the economy, the political process – generally believes in the equality of women. And I certainly believe in the equality of women,” she said.

Add this to my enormous list of reasons not to cast a vote for Mrs. Clinton next year. Imagine, the National Organization of Women endorsing a woman for president.

Go figure.