James Dobson Bashes Fred Thompson, Unbelievable

This according to Hot Air:

Focus on the Family founder James Dobson appeared to throw cold water on a possible presidential bid by former Sen. Fred Thompson while praising former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who is also weighing a presidential run, in a phone interview Tuesday.

“Everyone knows he’s conservative and has come out strongly for the things that the pro-family movement stands for,” Dobson said of Thompson. “[But] I don’t think he’s a Christian; at least that’s my impression,” Dobson added, saying that such an impression would make it difficult for Thompson to connect with the Republican Party’s conservative Christian base and win the GOP nomination.

Mark Corallo, a spokesman for Thompson, took issue with Dobson’s characterization of the former Tennessee senator. “Thompson is indeed a Christian,” he said. “He was baptized into the Church of Christ.”

In a follow-up phone conversation, Focus on the Family spokesman Gary Schneeberger stood by Dobson’s claim. He said that, while Dobson didn’t believe Thompson to be a member of a non-Christian faith, Dobson nevertheless “has never known Thompson to be a committed Christian—someone who talks openly about his faith.”

“We use that word—Christian—to refer to people who are evangelical Christians,” Schneeberger added. “Dr. Dobson wasn’t expressing a personal opinion about his reaction to a Thompson candidacy; he was trying to ‘read the tea leaves’ about such a possibility.”

One word: unbelievable.

I often fancied myself a personal fan of Dobson however to say that New Gingrich (read pathological wife-leaver) is more of a Christian than Fred Thompson leaves me befuddled. I’m sorry if Jesus Christ wasn’t available to run for the nomination but what does the man want?

Blogs for Thompson also has more analysis:

Fred Thompson, to my knowledge, is:
-Pro Traditional Marriage
-Pro Victory in Iraq
-Pro Small Government
And best of all, anti-liberal. And he’ll mop the floor with anyone who tries to debate him.

I concur and frankly, I agree with Allah at Hot Air that Dobson will be reevaluating his stance on Thompson when Newt doesn’t choose to run and no other candidate floats Dobson’s boat.

This specific statement from Dobson troubles me the most:

Dobson nevertheless “has never known Thompson to be a committed Christian—someone who talks openly about his faith.”

I can’t fathom that mindset. The man has a record in line with everything Dobson supports but he’s not Christian enough?

New Gingrich is a smart politician and he has good conservative ideas however his personal life is nothing to write home about. I personally do not praise him and would not try to say that someone is “more Christian” than someone else unless I truly knew the person.

Dobson is hurting himself and the Republican Party with these statements in my opinion.