The Thompson Factor

Fred Thompson is igniting the polls and giving a renewed hope to conservatives looking for a viable alternative to Rudy McRomney.

Hot Air has info on a new Rasmussen poll which shows Thompson (who hasn’t declared he’ll be running at all yet) beating Hillary 44-43:

Now don’t get too excited. As the crosstabs show, that’s not so much Fred-love as Hillary-hate at work. Head to head with Obama he trails by 12 points, which I guess answers the theological question of who would win if the Messiah took on God.

Still, for Hillary to be down a point to a guy who isn’t even the race must be … of concern to her team, I’d imagine. She’s seven and eight points behind McCain and Giuliani, respectively, too. Obama fares better against both of them. Fred, meanwhile, already is ahead of Romney in Iowa, although Ryan Sager says he’s drawing more votes away from another guy who’s not in the race (yet) than from Mitt.

Peeling votes from Romney is actually quite something considering Romney is all over the media and has been hyped since last year.

The official release from Rasmussen has the following:

Fred Thompson, a movie star turned U.S. Senator turned TV star, has been publicly considering entering the 2008 Presidential Sweepstakes to fill what some see as a void in the Republican Primary field.

The first Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey involving Thompson shows the former Senator from Tennessee essentially tied with the Democratic frontrunner, Senator Hillary Clinton. It’s Thompson 44% Clinton 43%. (More Below)

Can this man save the conservative vote? Will he declare his candidacy? Stay tuned.

I’m, quite frankly, excited.


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