Hurricane Katrina claims career of Governer Kathleen Blanco

I thought this was pretty interesting and normally this type of news probably wouldn’t register in your mind as important to the Presidential election. This is where I change your mind 🙂 This video pretty much will give you the real reason behind her major announcement tonight that she is not seeking re-election for the democratic party as Governor of Louisiana.

If you wish to see the announcement she made tonight you can find it here, at the Gateway Pundit.

I’m a Mississippian, born and raised. The government’s response to Hurricane Katrina was a colassol mess. New Orleans was over-covered. Mississippi was over looked. (Did you know the hurricane in fact hit Mississippi and merely graced the corner of New Orleans, LA? Yeah, see the levees broke, they got flood water… WE got the hurricane, WE got the winds, WE got the rest of the water which destroyed our civil war era colonial houses along the beach, the Veterans Hospital, all our new casinos, my home, as well as historical landmarks such as Beauvoir(pronounced Boo Vwaw, french for beautiful view.) Beauvoir is the last home of the only president of the confederate states, Jefferson Davis. Yeah ok the civil war era was a crappy era, but it’s historical nonetheless. How in the world Kathleen Blanco was re-elected as governor is beyond me as much as how in the world Mayor Ray”I didn’t use the city busses to get people out because I was afraid of bureacratic red tape, so instead I let people die” Nagin got re-elected. People this is important to all of us because it’s a scary realitization of the idiots we elect into power to run our country, our states and our cities. These two morons were re-elected because of their party affiliation even though they failed the people. These are the reasons we need to pay attention to the issues and forget about party affiliations and vote for what’s right, vote for what’s best…vote for our future, and the futures of our children. See ya Blanco… love lost here.