Hillary Heckled by Her Own

Via a link from Drudge:

(03/20/2007) CODEPINK’s Desiree Fairooz interrupts Hillary Clinton Fundraiser with the “Why, Why, Hillary Why?” song to the tune of “American Pie” as another CODEPINK protester Jodie Evans gets dragged out by 3-4 secret service officers.

Hillary, of course, needs to garner the liberal vote with with these CODEPINK women following her around, they have to be getting on her nerves. Simply because Hillary has not called for us to be defeated in Iraq soon enough like Obama and Edwards, she gets the harassment. What’s amazing to me is that the CODEPINK people don’t realize Hillary is simply playing to political center to get elected, then if she is, CODEPINK will probably be put in charge of the Defense Department.

Patience insane CODEPINK women, patience.