McCain Less Conservative, Hillary Less Liberal, Barack Flamingly Liberal

An interesting release today from the National Journal on house and senate ratings:

And the Republican candidate who’s grown less conservative over his years in Congress? Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

No surprise there, McCain has been wishy-washy for a while now. But as he moves left, Hillary moves right:

That year Kucinich’s House record edged Obama’s Senate record by one point as the most liberal, and Clinton was the least liberal, as she sought re-election and prepared to launch her presidential campaign.

This trend simply confirms her purposeful political posturing on issues.

Barack Obama has long been painted as somewhat of a moderate to liberal Democrat by the msm for some time now.

His record speaks otherwise:

WASHINGTON _ The most liberal member of Congress running for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination isn’t Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio.

It’s Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois.

To have a more liberal record than Dennis Kucinich is somewhat of an accomplishment. It’s something you’d have to try to do, I didn’t know it was even possible, I assume Kucinich had that lifetime achievement. Although, I digress, perhaps Obama has been working some overtime on the liberal votes.

Here’s some more data:

On the Democratic side, the analysis of “lifetime” voting records shows Obama as the most liberal with a score of 84.3 after two full years in the Senate. The most liberal score possible was 99. The lifetime liberal scores for the other Democrats, in their respective chambers:

– Kucinich, 79.4
– Sen. Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, 79.2
– Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, 78.8
– Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware, 76.8

The most conservative member of Congress seeking the Republican nomination – based on lifetime voting records – is Rep. Duncan Hunter of California, with a score of 82.5. The most conservative score possible was 99.

Lifetime scores for the other Republicans:

– Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas, 81
– Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado, 75.9
– Sen. John McCain of Arizona, 71.8
– Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, 71.5
– Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, 51.7