McCain the Uniter, Not the Divider

Here is yet another reason why I won’t ever be voting for John McCain:

John McCain, formerly the leading Republican presidential contender, has told The Sunday Telegraph that restoring America’s sullied reputation abroad will be “a top priority” if he wins the White House.

Like we should spend time endearing ourselves to people propping up terrorist regimes the way France and Russia have. The fact is, I don’t give a (insert any choice word) what the international community thinks of the United States. 90% of what they hate about is propagated by Hollywood and Michael Moore. They think we torture at Gitmo, etc… We should not go out of our way to correct the propaganda put out by the anti-American left.

McCain, unfortunately for him, buys into the nonsense.

Of America’s poor image abroad, even with long-time allies, Sen McCain acknowledged candidly: “It is a very dispiriting situation and I know we will have to work hard to improve it.”

Sen McCain is a strong supporter of the “surge” of US troop numbers in Iraq and his backing for the war has undercut his standing. In recent weeks, Rudolph Giuliani, 62, the former mayor of New York, has overtaken Sen McCain in the polls.

That’s the other media lie, that McCain’s stance on the war has hurt him in the polls. That’s not the case at all. It’s only hurt him amongst Democrats and the mainstream media who used to adore him when he was the thorn in the side of the Bush administration.

In the same line, they state that McCain’s support for the war has hurt him and that Rudy has overtaken him in polls. Newsflash, Rudy also supports the surge and supports the war so why is he doing so well? Explain that one.

John McCain’s ego is the reason he’s down in the polls, not his stance on the war.