Polling Average Shows Clinton, Giuliani Leading

I just discovered that RealClearPolitics now has averages of Republican and Democratic candidates. Here is the latest data from 3/2 to 3/12:


As you can see, both Giuliani and Hillary have pretty commanding leads. At least, I’d call +16 and +11 pretty commanding. Of course, anything can happen between now and the primaries (like debates) so this can change. However, it’s looking very good for the mayor and the weird lady at this point.

Hillary’s lead is no surprise to me. Giuliani’s on the other hand, I think that’s sort of an enigma. Republicans continue to love the man despite his stances on abortion, gay marriage, etc… He is just an impressive person to listen to.

I think this right here is the best news for Giuliani and Republicans:


Of course, once/if Giulani’s the nominee, the MSM will do some hit-pieces on him and turn him into the evil divorced man who has a whiner for a son.