Republican Candidates Getting in the Mud

Hot Air has video of Mitt Romeny saying commenting on General Pace’s comments about the morality of homosexuality.

From Hot Air:

Romney’s response is clever, essentially applying a “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach to public officials’ moral beliefs, although it won’t endear him to his target audience. Which is why Sam Brownback’s campaign is going right after him, to show who the “real” social conservative in the race is. Poor Mitt — he’s got Brownback zeroing in on him from the right and soon enough, I suspect, Giuliani and McCain from the left. Why? Because he’s probably closest to being what most Republicans traditionally want in a candidate. Best for everyone else to knock him out before he gains some traction, then take their chances with each other.

Here’s the video:


Brownback fires back:

In the wake of the recent furor over General Pace’s remarks, Mitt Romney has revealed that he is no social conservative. Pace was criticized, if you recall, for saying aloud the fairly simple proposition that homosexual acts are immoral, which is something that most social conservatives believe. While Sam Brownback was circulating a letter of support for General Pace, Mitt Romney was busy saying that General Pace’s comments were “inappropriate for public discourse.” Take a moment to let that sink in. Governor Romney didn’t say that he disagreed with General Pace, or that other people might disagree with General Pace, he said that General Pace’s thoughts were inappropriate topics for public conversation for someone employed by the government. How someone could make such a statement on the one hand, and at the same time call themselves a social conservative.

Finally some fireworks. Mitt supporters won’t care. However, people like myself who would also support Pace and his comments will be a bit put off. Can’t the man state his personal views and not be condemned? Liberals call Bush an immoral liar all day long and nobody cares but god-forbid General Pace state his moral opposition to homosexuality.

Good for Sam Brownback!