As the Democratic World Turns

It’s turning into more of a bad soap opera than a presidential race on the Democratic side. The jabs aren’t coming from the right, but from the Democratic candidates themselves. Take this for example from Obama:

“I want to wait and hear what John Edwards has to say, he’s kind of good-looking,” Obama envisioned Iowa caucus-goers from the small town of Clinton telling themselves. During an appearance in West Burlington, Iowa, the phrase appeared again, this time with Edwards as “kind of cute.”

Edwards makes Obama look seasoned and distinguished. Hot Air has more stunning analysis on the Edwards/Obama love affair.

Then you have Hillary trying to play both sides on the gay issue:

Appearing on Bloomberg News, Sen. Hillary Clinton:

“Well I’ve heard from a number of my friends and I’ve certainly clarified with them any misunderstanding that anyone had, because I disagree with General Pace completely. I do not think homosexuality is immoral.

Or is she? Who knows…

WASHINGTON — If gays and lesbians were looking for a champion to dispute Gen. Peter Pace’s claim that homosexuality is immoral, they might have expected Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barack Obama to leap forward.

Not quite. While both Clinton and Obama are courting gays and lesbians, and would allow them to serve openly in the military, the Democratic front-runners have been curiously reticent about challenging the statements of the chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff.

Well at least everyone seems to agree that adultery is immoral. Or do they?

I am missing this kind of sniping on the Republican side. Of course, I don’t doubt that it was McCain or Romney, or even some other anti-Giuliani Republican operative releasing these videos of Giuliani talking up his support for abortion.


2008 Central has a lot more on the candidate reactions to the general’s remarks.