Republican Candidates Weakening Everyday

I honestly want to root for Rudy however on an almost daily basis he continues to give me reasons like the following:

Then you have McCain who has written himself off years ago.

What I feel left with is Romney who also continues to give me reasons not to vote for him.

The plight of Republicans in 2008 is dwindling mainly because the mainstream candidates tend to suck.

2008 Election Watch has some new info on a poll in which Republicans show their dismay:

Very interesting new poll from the NY Times and CBS who found that 40% of Republicans believe a Democrat will win the 2008 election, while only 12% of Democrats believe that the GOP will be elected into office.

Republicans are also not satisfied with their current candidate offering – 6 in 10 want more options, while 6 in 10 of Democrats are happy with their selection. Pollsters also stated that supporting Bush’s war policy could put the candidate at a disadvantage.

In other words, Democrats have good Democratic candidates. Republicans, however, have a lack of good Republican candidates. Also, unlike most conservatives, Newt Gingrich does not make me explode with excitement. The man has more baggage than Hillary Clinton and was having affairs just the same. We can do much better than that. He can stick by as a consultant but he’s not a good candidate.

I remain hopeful that some Republican will stand out in the coming year and impress me to some extent. If not, I’ll put a Tancredo sticker on my tremendously wasteful gas-guzzling SUV and be happy.