Thursday Night Roundup

After a few days dark, here’s a new round of what’s going on in the local blogroll.

The Right’s Field has a piece on Republicans, draft-dodging, and 2008:

Bill Sammon of The Examiner has a long piece about Rudy Giuliani’s non-service during Vietnam and the potential for the draft dodger epithet to be used against him. Giuliani received an occupational deferment; after it expired he received a high draft number that was never called.

Funny how Vietnam seems to be a part of every election 40 years later. To be honest I don’t think Giuliani’s lack of service means squat. He smacks McCain in every Republican poll and has a serious chance. He proved that to be a leader it’s not necessary to have served in Vietnam as those who bring up the issue would have you believe.

Intent Dissent has some thoughts on Al Gore:

There’s a silver lining, though: every time Al Gore turns down an opportunity to attract attention to himself, his wife Tipper loses an opportunity to distract the country by bloviating on the wrong side of non-issues like censoring music.

Isn’t that the truth, and it’s inconvenient at that.

A Rake’s Progress has beef with Newt Gingrich ragging on Hillary:

Newt Gingrich, who was veritably voted out of office and BANNED from the White House for being one of the nastiest men ever to be Speaker, has called Hillary Clinton “nasty.” Imagine. Someone other than Newt and the Right-Wing might be nasty. Go figure.

To be fair, it wasn’t the “right-wing” wishing Cheney would have died in Afghanistan but that’s another story. Throwing stones and such. I’d simply point out here that it was Gingrich who partnered with Hillary a while back on some health care thing yet now she’s “nasty”. Go figure.

The War Room | Election 2008 has some on Joe Biden:

A Delaware primary poll shows Hillary Clinton leading Joe Biden by 13 points, 34% to 21%. Two points lower is Barack Obama who has the support of 19% of Delaware voters, followed by John Edwards who only has the support of 10% of the voters.

Too bad Delaware matters for nothing in terms of electoral votes. Otherwise, Biden’s doing great! And by great I mean he should quit now.

2008 Central has some exclusive information concerning John Edwards and his internet happenings:

Last month, we at 2008 Central broke the story about the McCain campaign’s abusive use of Google’s Adwords three weeks before any news outlet picked it up. Today, we bring you an exclusive story about John Edward’s campaign website.

An interesting story I’ll say. Of course, the answer is clearly that John Edwards is shifty and doesn’t trust the people running his website. Read the story and decide for yourself.