Video: Romney Haunted by Himself!

In what appears to be yet another more recent video showing Romney defending abortion rights, Mitt Romney is being haunted by himself.

First linked from Hot Air:

In theory, stuff like this shouldn’t hurt him. We all know he’s reversed course on abortion; I’ve even posted video of it in the past. But it does hurt him, I think, because it reminds people of how recent his “awakening” was. Until I saw this, I’d assumed he made the switch sometime in the late 90s or early 00s. Nuh uh; a little googling reveals that he didn’t embrace the social con within until 2005 or so, two years after he became governor and, coincidentally, around the time the murmurs started about him running for president.

And the video:

Ouch. As stated, of course snippets like this will showup in McCain ads etc… Think about the John Kerry windsurfing ad back in 2004. We could have flip flopping on all sides.


The Right’s Field comments as well.