Monday Night Roundup, John McBush

The Right’s Field has a short post on McBush:

Tonight on Hardball, Matthews gave Mr. Maverick a new nickname: Senator John McBush.

Though I might amend it to be: Presumptive Republican Nominee, Senator John McBush.

Funny. However I am not so sure about “Presumptive Republican Nominee”, I just can’t see McCain being that embraced by conservatives. I’d say something more like “Doubtful Republican Nominee”.

2008 Central has a candidate roundup containing tidbits like this:

– Barack Obama responded to charges that he took too much credit for community work by pointing out that he never took credit by himself. Also, members of the community spoke out in his defense. I cannot see this issue outraging anyone – credit for community work? Unless he was doing cocaine during the community work, this probably will not go anywhere.

– In a bad sign for his chances, Dodd is way behind even in Connecticut (with 8 %), though he is ahead of the margin of error there. Dodd’s representatives spinned the numbers, even though at this time 4 years ago Joe Lieberman had 41 percent of the vote.

Dodd will be out soon, no sense in delaying the inevitable. Obama is the thorn in Hillary’s side stealing her Hollywood donations. Apparently in white-liberal land, being black trumps being a woman. Now if Hillary was a black woman, Hollywood would totally be paying up.

The War Room | Election 2008 has some polling data analysis:

Not much change. Clinton still at 28%. Obama gained one point to 24%. Edwards is down two points to 11% and Gore again is included with 10%. There is not much to say here. Clinton is getting hurt by Obama’s support and Edwards is not improving at all.

Just look at the numbers. They speak for themselves.

And finally, Political Buzz has some info on McCain trying to appease Democrats:

Lots of confusion surrounding McCain and his campaign. What direction is he taking? After his anti-abortion tirade from yesterday he goes on to another trail rant; but this time the target is the Bush administration. More specifically, the target is Donald Rumsfeld.

McCain is all over the map. He is turning into the John Kerry of the Republican Party. First he’s pro-choice, now he wants to abolish Roe v. Wade. Now he’s bashing Rumsfeld. He’s a mess because I don’t think he has any core values. He’s a blue stater in a red state.