Thursday Night Roundup

Just a little from around the local blogosphere on this perfectly freezing, snow-ridden day in upstate New York.

The Right’s Field has some on info on the Cox campaign and their assertions that the media is trying to elect Obama:

The campaign for John Cox, the Illinois Republican, sent out a plea to supporters in the latest e-newsletter assailing the media as “liberal” in a less than subtle way.

The media is very excited about pushing the candidacy of Barack Obama because he is clearly “one of them” i.e. a liberal. This should come as no surprise to anyone, but it does underline one of the fundamental problems with the media in this country.

I’d tend to agree with Mr. Cox. Obamarama was started by the media and is finally cooling down. The liberal guilt is emploring most media outlets to hang on Obama’s every audacious word. Ann Coulter also weighed in on Obama today.

2008 Central has some stuff on Biden and his dolphin friends:

[Writer’s Note: 1) No, I don’t actually think that Sen. Biden is ripping on dolphins; 2) The headline is primarily aimed at the aggressive and stupid folks in the mainstream media who absolutely abused his comments about Sen. Obama]

Today, Sen. Biden’s blog contained an entry criticizing a recent report that dolphins and sea lions may be used to patrol the waters of a military base in Washington

Biden’s basically done and out anyway. We’re beating a dead horse here. Let the man slink away into his Senate office.

Political Buzz has some very interesting information pertaining to a possible upcoming Hillary scandal:

Is Hillary Clinton buying black support to counter Obama? A new development involving a SC state representative and powerful black leader makes it appear that the charge is true.

Give that one a read.

That’s about it.