John McCain and Health Issues

In a very interesting post over at Destination:White House, Matt discusses the seemingly obvious questions surrounding John McCain’s health.

After a few conversations here and there, I have decided to revisit the subject of Senator John McCain and his health. I previously wrote about this in January asking readers if they knew what was going on with McCain’s cheek. Since then I have noticed people are actually wondering if he does have a tumor, as people have come across the site by searching “john mccain face tumor” or other similar searches.

McCain’s cheek, maybe we’re just nuts but it looks like somethings there:

Pics courtesy of Destination: White House

To be honest, who knows. I’m no doctor and maybe there’s a simple explanation. At 70 years old clearly McCain’s health will come into question by election time. He’ll be 72 by then.

Que Wikipedia blurb:

Should McCain win in 2008, he would be the country’s oldest President in history at initial ascension to office, being 72 years old and surpassing Ronald Reagan, who was 69 years old at his inauguration following the 1980 election. He has dismissed concerns about his age and past health concerns (malignant melanoma in 2000), stating in 2005 that his health was “excellent.”

I can’t see why he’d lie about his health being excellent if it wasn’t. After all, we’d find out at some point if it wasn’t. Still though, what is up with McCain’s cheek?