Is Obama the New Lincoln?

He’s sort of making himself out to be:

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) – Democratic Sen. Barack Obama plans to stand outside Illinois’ Old State Capitol on Saturday, a building indelibly linked to Abraham Lincoln, and tell the world about his 2008 presidential plans.

In a video preview announcement on his presidential exploratory committee’s Web site, Obama said he’s humbled by the enormity of the task ahead and urged supporters to get involved. “Tomorrow, we begin a great journey. A journey to take our country back and fundamentally change the nature of our politics,” Obama said.

Obama is making history not because Joe Biden says he’s clean but because he has a chance of winning and a an almost certain (in my opinion) chance of ending up as vice president.

Barack Obama is the new Abraham Lincoln like Tom Tancredo is the new Franklin Roosevelt. Or the way Bill Clinton was the new Ronald Reagan. Or the way Jimmy Carter was the new George Washington (if Washington wrote books distorting history).


Here’s the video preview from his site:

Also commenting on Barack’s announcement:

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