Nightly Buzz Roundup

Here’s a few tidbits from the local YD2008 blogosphere:

Political Buzz has a piece examining the possibility of an Al Gore 2008 campaign:

The buzz is growing over a possible late entrance into the 2008 campaign by Al Gore. It is getting so deafening that backers from his 2000 run are meeting in order to hatch a plan to draft – or at least convince – Gore to also have at it this time around.

I just can’t see it. Gore is washed up politically in my opinion. Yes, he will probably win an Oscar for his propaganda and yes, this means he’s a Hollywood liberal darling. However, the problem for Gore is that Hillary > Gore and Obama > Gore. Probably even Edwards > Gore. I think it will never become more than buzz. I don’t want to have to create a Gore category, waste of space.

The War Room | Election 2008 has some info on Edwards joining the unlimited fund raising bandwagon:

Joining Hillary Clinton, John Edwards will not accept public financing for the 2008 primaries and the general election should he be nominated. If you remember, Clinton said she will forgo public financing so she will not be limited to the amount of money she is able to raise. Estimates put Clinton’s fundraising machine well within the reach of $500 million.

No surprise here. After all, Edwards knows he can steal from one America and give to the other America. First though, he has to con the one America to give more money so that he can then rob the other America. Which America is which? The voters can decide.