Mitt Romney: I’ll veto any spending bill that exceeds its targets

This from Yahoo! News:

DETROIT – Presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Wednesday made a direct appeal to Republican fiscal conservatives, arguing that the president should veto any spending bill that exceeds its targets.

Speaking to the Detroit Economic Club, the former Massachusetts governor addressed an issue that has riled the GOP base, who contend that the party’s loss of power last November was based, in part, on excessive spending.

“When our party has been in charge, we didn’t distinguish ourselves on spending restraint,” Romney said. “That’s got to change — and it would in my administration.”

I couldn’t agree more with the Governor. Whether or not he’d hold the line on spending remains to be seen.

The one-term governor suggested giving Congress a spending target and insisting that it is met. “If Congress does not meet the spending targets, then its appropriations bills should be vetoed. I regularly exercised my veto power while governor,” he said.

Romney served one term as governor. He also suggested that Congress give the president the power of the line-item veto, an oft-repeated proposal that is has little chance in Congress.

The Republican also called for making
President Bush’s tax cuts, set to expire in 2010, permanent. He said individuals should be able to save $5,000 a year without paying taxes on interest, dividends or capital gains.

Romney returns to Michigan on Tuesday to announce that he will formally seek the presidency.

Again, I couldn’t agree with him more. If he does change his tune and become the sole winnable conservative, I think he will go a long way. That being said, he is 3rd in most major polls (which frankly doesn’t mean a thing).