The Election of Socialized Health Care

This image is now the front of John Edwards’s site:

I can’t help but remembering how much Hillary’s universal health care plans in the 90s were dead in the water. Does Edwards really think it’s different now? Can he fool enough voters into believing the bureaucratic federal government can manage health care better than private industry? Just look at the stories from Europe and Canada concerning their abysmal health care systems.

John Edwards believes in buying votes through promising free government services (unless you make $200k or more, then you’re screwed).

Here’s more of Edwards on his health care plans from the DNC winter meeting:

One would think that Edwards, a man who worked his way to his wealth, would not be such a socialist.

The reality that people need to come to grips with is that John Edwards’ family will never be stuck in poorly run government health care and he knows it.

New campaign slogan: “John Edwards: Because taxes are too low”