Obama Vows to Quit Smoking for 2008 Campaign

This from The Post Chronicle:

U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., says he has decided that his presidential campaign marks the perfect opportunity for him to quit smoking.

Obama, who said he has had trouble quitting in the past despite not being a “heavy smoker,” said he began his latest attempt over the holidays.

“I’ve never been a heavy smoker,” Obama said. “I’ve quit periodically over the last several years. I’ve got an ironclad demand from my wife that in the stresses of the campaign I don’t succumb. I’ve been chewing Nicorette strenuously.”

I can see commercials surfacing like “Barack Obama, he can’t control himself, how can he control American?” (This advertisement has been paid for by Hillary for President)

Experts say quitting could be good for Obama’s image, particularly at a time when public attitudes are becoming increasingly hostile to smoking.

Obama is likely to get infected from those truth kids and their clever commercials.