Michael Savage Mulls Presidential Run

This from NewsMax:

Michael Savage, the nation’s third-most listened to radio talk-show host, says he may leave his top rated show to make a bid for the GOP nomination for president.

“I know it sounds bizarre but when you consider the people running for the presidency, none . . . seems to be qualified,” Savage told NewsMax in an exclusive interview.

And the climax of the story:

Savage readily admits he has little chance of being elected.

Still, he’s convinced he could help push the Republican Party back to its conservative roots.

“A non-politician who has a very large following, who is very conservative, and who believes in a simple message of borders, language, and culture has a great chance of electrifying the American people,” Savage said, complaining the current flock of candidates are simply parroting “sound bytes.”

Could such a run harm the Republican Party?

Savage doesn’t think so, claiming the GOP has “virtually no chance of winning right now.

I think it’s fun when Washington outsiders run for office. People like Jesse Ventura make it interesting. I would pay good money to see Savage at a Republican debate. One word: massacre.

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