Monday Night Roundup

Here’s a bit of what’s going on around the local blogosphere:

Douglas at Intent Dissent is definately voting Democrat:

I’m Voting for the Democrat in 2008
Unless it’s John Edwards. What an idiot.

If I was a Democrat I’d probably agree.

The War Room | Election 2008 has an excellent piece concerning the views on Iraq and the 2008 candidates. Here’s a snippet:


Delaware Sen. Joe Biden: Wants to withdraw most U.S. troops by end of year, leaving about 20,000 in or near Iraq, as part of plan to see Iraq governed as largely autonomous Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish regions. Opposes deployment of 21,500 more troops. Led Senate effort to pass resolution declaring war is against U.S. interest.


Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback: Opposes 21,500-troop increase, says ethnic partition of Iraq might have to occur.

All candidates are covered as well from a Washington Post piece.

And finally, 2008 Central has a post about how Hillary is aparantly winning over Wall Street:

Bloomberg has a particularly interesting column up about the significant support Hillary Clinton is getting from the business community. She’s even getting it from former enemies, such as the firm that produced the infamous ‘Harry and Louise’ commercials that ended up tanking her health care plan.

Some support perhaps but I cannot see many Wall Street types supporting her own brand of socialism.

And that’s the way it is.

Also, completely unrelated to the 2008 election, Hot Air has all the good Super Bowl commercials. My favorite: The Garmin GPS Map-o-saurus. Best commercial, ever.