John Edwards on His Losing 2008 Plan

This from Yahoo! News:

Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards wants to provide health care coverage for the 47 million people who currently lack it and reduce the cost of coverage for middle-class families.

The plan could cost up to $120 billion a year, and the candidate acknowledged it would require higher taxes.

There, of course, are people who are lured by the guise of “free” health care. I have a friend who says things like “we pay so much in taxes already, why can’t they give me free health care?”

I always tell him if you think taxes are now, just you wait for universal health care.

“Yes, we’ll have to raise taxes. The only way you can pay for a health care plan that costs anywhere from $90 (billion) to $120 billion is there has to be a revenue source,” the former North Carolina senator said.

As a public service to the Edwards campaign I am urging the Senator to withdraw his name and retreat to his mansion in North Carolina. Do not waste my time and bandwidth posting things about you when you’re not going to be on the eventual ticket. It was tried once.

Nonetheless, let’s continue:

“We want to make sure everybody’s covered. We want to help middle-class families with the costs. We want to try to create competition that doesn’t exist today,” he said.

Right Senator, because they best way to promote “competition” is to nationalize an industry and give the government a monopoly. It’s worked so well with public schools, so much competition, almost too much! Socialism doesn’t quite work that way.

To accomplish all this, Edwards said he would expand Medicaid as well as a program that now provides coverage to 6 million people, mostly children. He would also provide federal health care subsidies. He said he wants employers to play a bigger role, either by offering coverage or buying into “health markets” that would include a government plan.

Edwards said he would free up money for health care coverage by abolishing President Bush’s tax cuts for people who make more than $200,000 a year and by having the government collect more back taxes.

The man is insane. He makes Hillary Clinton like “moderate”. So if you make $200,000, the country’s medical bills are your responsibility. I would be working as hard I could to make $199,999.99.

Let us not forget from the 2004 debate vs. Dick Cheney:

I think the vice president and his wife love their daughter. I think they love her very much. And you can’t have anything but respect for the fact that they’re willing to talk about the fact that they have a gay daughter, the fact that they embrace her. It’s a wonderful thing. And there are millions of parents like that who love their children, who want their children to be happy.

– John Edwards, Vice Presidential debate

One word: despicable. How could someone like John Edwards who is such an “open minded liberal” try to make light of Dick Cheney’s daughter’s homosexuality? Way to show your true colors John, political hack.

By the way, I am no fan of John Edwards if you had any doubt remaining.