Giuliani Files Official Candidacy Papers

This from Hot Air:

Fox gets the scoop and the first interview, tonight at 9 on H&C. And yes, he’s running as a Republican. How could he say no after last week’s polls?

He’s counting on McCain to bear the brunt of the backlash if Iraq goes bad (which is why it’ll be interesting to see if he hedges a bit tonight on the surge), but I think he’s kidding himself. He’s been stumping for the war since before it began. If Petraeus can’t turn it around, then he, St. John, and My Man Mitt are competing to see who gets to lose to Hillary in the general election.

It’s official!

Update: The Right’s Field has more reaction to Rudy’s filing:

That’d also put Giuliani one step closer to being on the list of Guys Who Aren’t Going To Get The Republican Party’s Nomination, Despite Tens of Millions of Dollars and An Adoring Press.


Destination: White House also has more.

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