Thursday Afternoon Roundup

Just a little roundup of current news and buzz from the 2008 scene.

The Right’s Field has info on Huckabee running on the cheap:

Mike Huckabee is running a presidential campaign on Enterprise minivans and stays at Days Inn in an effort to conserve the little cash he has.

The everyman’s man.

Political Buzz has an issue of The Buzz. A bit about Biden, Hill, Edwards, and Hagel.

Bits like this:

Edwards is taking serious heat for his new Carolina McMansion.Now they’re wondering about its “carbon footprint”.

I’d wonder about his carbon footprint as well. “Do as I say, not as I do”

Destination: White House has some more fallout from Biden’s foolish statements about Obama.

And finally, 2008 Central has a Thursday morning roundup with lots of information such as this:

Mitt Romney – Some religious leaders are lining up behind Romney, indicating that the Mormonism may not be a problem… Before he declared his candidacy for President, Romney took advantage of a loophole in Alabama law to get large donations that would have been in excess of FEC regulations from Alabama donors.

As Ann Coutler said last night on The O’Reilly Factor, “Christians get attacked on all sides” so the Mormon thing is not an issue at all. If he’s popular, it will become an issue I’m sure. The MSM will be all about “The First Mormon President?!?!” like it’s a disease.

Now for something completely different, these morons.