Show Me the 2008 Money

From Political Buzz:

Sweet! The first fundraising reports for ‘08 are here! An examination of the numbers shows that McCain and Giuliani were close in their amounts of cash raised in the first weeks of their campaigns. JMac took in $1.7 mil to Rudy’s $1.4 mil. Conservative darling Romney dipped in to the deep coffers of the right and raked in impressive totals.

As was suspected, Hillary was awash in cash form her easy ‘06 Senate campaign, having $14 mil on hand(!) for her ‘08 run.

The War Room also has reaction and analysis to the 2008 cash reports:

As I reported not too long ago, Vilsack raised over $1 million. I am particularly disappointed in McCain’s and Giuliani’s numbers. For top tier candidates I expected them to at least raise $2 million by now. So these numbers are nothing to brag about. I came down hard on Vilsack, but I expected more. But there is sill much time left.

Lets wait an see what happens in April. By then the race could be very different.

I concur.

As much as it seems we political nut bloggers are all into 2008, the American people usually don’t tune into election news much before election month. Although, when the messiah reappears and forms a presidential exploratory committee, people may start taking notice.

Best headline ever.