The “Real” John McCain

The Right’s Field has a post titled “Who is the Real John McCain?” and I have to say, I couldn’t tell you if you asked me. Their conclusion:

Indeed, for 2008, McCain is taking nothing for granted and trying to emulate Bush’s success by veering farther to the right than his now-defunct “maverick” image ever allowed him. This right turn continues to create sharp contrasts between the current McCain and the McCain from 2000. From abortion to war, Senator McCain has allowed his quest for the party’s nomination to take precedent over principle.

I’ve got to say that I do think McCain is, much to his own disadvantage, “forgetting” his principles in favor of seeking the nomination. To some extent, every candidate does so he’s no different. The question I think is what were those “principles” to begin with? Jabbing at Bush? Being the Republican media darling for his “maverick” image? Providing health care to illegal aliens? Being weak on illegal immigration? Honestly, in order to seek the nomination and make it through what typically is a rough primary process he MUST appear more conservative (strong) on issues.

The Right’s Field continues:

His Iraq stance is not resonating with the American people and is, in fact, hurting his standing with Americans. (In fact, according to a recent poll produced by the Princeton Survey Research Associates, Americans by more than a 2-to-1 margin say that “since the war began” Congress is “not assertive enough” in opposing President Bush, ergo Senator McCain, on Iraq.)

My only response to that statement about McCain would be what about Giuliani? Rudy supports Iraq and supports the surge and he is high in the polls. I think the dislike of McCain is simply rooted in his weakness on issues from a conservative standpoint. He sides with Democrats like Kennedy and is a thorn in the side of Republicans. I find myself not very content with him based on his past performance.

McCain’s stance on Iraq may be hurting him more with independent and Democratic voters perhaps but conservative disdain for McCain is deeper than Iraq.

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