Daily Readings

Here are a few quick hit stories.

The War Room has a story on Biden’s experience. Nothing more need be said.

Destinate: White House also has some on Biden concerning his up and coming formal announcement. I am just filled with anxiety over Biden’s impending announcement, I am sure it will cause numerous yawns.

Political Buzz has a piece on Obama “getting serious” about Iraq. Apparently Obamarama has now taken it upon himself to one-up all the so-called anti-war candidates and propose a binding resolution calling for troop withdrawals. One word: Audacity.

2008 Central has some info on Richardson’s support for tax increases in his state of New Mexico. Let’s remember that historically the candidate who openly supports tax hikes is the candidate who loses in a landslide.

Finally, The Right’s Field has a lengthy discussion of conservative unrest with the current field of Republican candidates. For example:

Limbaugh joins RedState in proclaiming, “They all suck.”

With the three leading candidates’ conservative qualifications, at best, questionable, conservative activists just are not happy.

Wanted: 2008 Presidential Candidate with solid conservative credentials. Answer: Tom Tancredo

A winning candidate+conservative credential combination will be harder to come by. My guess is conservatives will be forced to “settle” for Romney somewhere on the ticket unless a dark horse emerges. Liberals on the other hand are more than satisfied (gleeful) with the smorgasbord of left wing rhetoric.

Best graphic ever: