2008 Central Monday Roundup

2008 Central has a nifty roundup of various candidate news.

For example:

John McCain: He’s got Curt Schilling, for whatever that’s worth. Also, as you’ll see everywhere else, he and Hillary helped dedicate a Rehabilitation Center in Texas. I don’t see the big deal, myself. Everyone will have forgotten it (in terms of its political ramifications) next week.

In my opinion it doesn’t help McCain much but it does hurt Schilling!

And this:

John Edwards: Edwards may be the most liberal candidate the mainstream Democrats have looked at in years, but The Nation finds grounds to criticize him on Iran, saying that could cost him in the primary. I’m not so sure – mainstream Democrats who don’t support the war in Iraq aren’t all afraid of using it as a tool, or at least talking tough.

Mitt Romney: Some people are charging Mitt Romney with hypocrisy, this time on the immigration issue. Meanwhile, the Romney and Clinton camps sparred over the war in Iraq. Between barbs, Romney campaigned in South Carolina, picking up three key endorsements.

There is much more on other candidates, give it a read here.