Weekend Roundup

Our Conservative blogroll was rather quiet in the past few days concerning 2008. Step up people, it’s weak!

Meanwhile, the liberal side seems to be hot with juicy 2008 news. Here’s the rundown:

The Right’s Field has some analysis of a New York Times Giuliani story, here’s a small excerpt:

The longer the timeline Giuliani’s formal candidacy exists on, the more likely it is that Republican voters will hear more and more about his liberal social positions, his dubious business dealings with characters like Bernard Kerik, and his failures as mayor of NYC before 9/11/2001.

Maybe, maybe not.

Political Buzz has a recent post concerning “The Buzz” with a few juicy 2008 tidbits. They also have a snazzy new site.


’08 Watch has some analysis concerning the Iraq troop surge and 2008. Here’s a small excerpt:

There’s no question that Iraq played a large role in bringing about the trouncing that the Republican Party suffered in November 2006. The electorate showed its anger with President Bush’s steadfast refusal to reconsider his policy on Iraq. However, 2006 is fast becoming history, and the political focus of the nation has shifted to the 2008 election cycle. Countless Republicans and Democrats have already formed exploratory committees to run for president; a few have even taken the step of officially declaring their candidacy. Although the political climate in 2008 will probably be different than it was in 2006, one issue is likely to be front and center in the debate over the nation’s future: Iraq.

I concur, Iraq will be a central theme for both sides. Democrats pretty much all agree they’re anti-Iraq War, Republicans seem sort of divided between pro-surge and anti-sure.

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