Polls Show Hillary Smearing Obama

According to a new poll, Obama is having trouble among African-American voters:

(CBS) CHICAGO A new poll out Thursday seems to confirm earlier polls showing lots of African-American voters may have reservations about Sen. Barack Obama’s possible presidential campaign.

Obama concedes he has work to do among African-American voters. A CBS News survey this week found Hillary Clinton leading Obama among black voters, 52 percent to 28 percent.

This poll simply shows how powerful Hillary truly is. The Hollywood left will eventually come around.

Then there’s this from a new time poll:

Hillary Clinton is the clear front-runner to win the Democratic Party’s nomination for President in 2008, but the Republican race will be a close contest between Senator John McCain and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani — with McCain edging Giuliani by a three- to four-point margin. And a presidential face-off between Clinton and McCain, right now, would be close to a dead heat. Those are some of the key findings of a new TIME poll earlier this week that canvassed a random sample of 1,064 registered voters by phone.

Despite the buzz generated by Senator Barack Obama entering the race, the survey found that Senator Clinton would beat him for the Democratic nomination by a margin of 40% to 21%. Senator John Edwards is a distant third with 11%. Obama clearly suffers a disadvantage in profile among likely voters, with only 51% indicating that they knew enough about him to form an opinion, compared with 94% saying the same of Hillary Clinton. In Obama’s favor, however, is his far lower negative ratings. While 58% of voters familiar with Hillary Clinton have a positive view of her, 41% give her negative marks, for a net favorability score of +17. By contrast, Obama’s net favorability score is +47. On the Republican side, Giuliani has a net favorability rating of +68, with only 14% having a negative view of him. McCain’s net favorability score is +45.

Obama may be the new Democratic media darling but clearly Hillary is still the voters’ darling. Try as they might, every poll since both candidates announce has shown Hillary on top by substantial amounts. Clearly, according to the polls, she is the major front runner which means Obama has some major ground to make up already.

Just for fun:

Sharpton made clear that he does plan to keep putting pressure on Barack Obama and Obama’s about-to-be-launched campaign for president. Sharpton complained publicly that none of the presidential candidates, including Obama, has worked for what Sharpton called an “urban agenda.”

Bless that man and his high standards.