Hillary’s Online Chats: Gold Mine for Entertainment

I was just perusing Hillary’s constantly expanding transcript archive of her nightly web chats and some of it is a riot. She is coming off as much more open than she has in the past and I am betting these chats will only benefit her greatly in the future.

Here is a part I found delightfully funny.

Cyrstal Patterson is apparently the moderator who pitches Hillary the questions throughout the chat:

CRYSTAL PATTERSON: We are going to take a break from the live questions to respond to Steve Clemons who posted the following on the Huffington Post blog. Would you be the kind of president who gave your staff license to challenge you, to force consideration of every last policy action, to put bad news before good news? Or do you like your team to validate your views and not challenge you?

HILLARY CLINTON: Steve, I think you can ask anybody who works for me that I like people who challenge me. I like people with expertise and experience and strong opinions. Now, I may push back because I also have my opinions, but I want that kind of give and take and debate. I don’t think any one person — and certainly no president in these difficult and complex times — have all the answers. And I don’t think you find answers from an ideological starting point. I believe in looking at the facts and the evidence, trying to understand what you’re trying to achieve in terms of the values that you have and the objectives that you’re setting forth in order to get results.

Funny, everyone whose ever worked for her, including the liberal George Stephanopoulos, has said she is terrible to work for. Dick Morris who served in the Clinton White House for years loves Bill but despises Hillary.

Either way if you want Hillary raw and real you should visit her video section and watch her web chats.

And yes, I have run a disproportionate number of Hillary stories in the past several days but she is just a never-ending source of entertaining news. In fact, she has probably planned it that way. McCain, Giuliani, and Romney are just being swept under the rug by the mainstream media. It’s as if they don’t exist.