Monday night 2008 roundup

It’s almost as if the 2008 election is next week or something. The amount of news coming out concerning the presidential race over the past 3 days has been like an avalanche.

First off, the Republicans who have been swept under the rug in the midst of Obama and Clinton announcements:

From Fox News on Mitt Romney:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney began a four day tour of Israel over the weekend, where he met with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and was attending a conference on Israeli defense priorities.

Romney, trying to appear as a foreign policy statesman perhaps.

Also, The Right’s Field has it that Romney is working on building a coalition of congressional endorsements and support.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has an interview with McCain:

There’s no question about it: Sen. John McCain is running for president in 2008, the Arizona Republican said today in an interview with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

While his presidential exploratory committee still must decide the right time for a formal announcement, McCain said unequivocally that he’s in the race.

“There’s no doubt,” McCain told the Trib. “But, right now, the Iraq issue … is taking a lot of my attention and effort away, and I think that’s appropriate. I’m still a United States senator. I’ve got to perform my duties.”

Now onto the Democrats.

Joe Biden, who is all but bowing out, said the following:

Delaware Democratic Sen. Joseph Biden told “FOX News Sunday” that Clinton is the “odds-on pick” to win the nomination, but called the race “a marathon,” saying “I don’t think Hillary’s best case versus mine or Barack’s or anybody else’s necessarily trumps us.”

John Edwards:

Meanwhile, former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards campaigned in Iowa on Saturday, repeating his call for members of Congress who oppose escalation of the war in Iraq to cut off funds to support it. Wife Elizabeth Edwards also had harsh words for first lady Laura Bush, saying, “I am sure Laura Bush is a really nice woman, but she has not used that megaphone that somebody put right next to her for any of the things she cares about,” and calling Bush’s inaction “a tremendous disappointment to me.”

Hot Air has video and analysis of the Barack Obama madrassa connection. Apparently CNN has taken up debunking the original story. From Hot Air:

They sent a reporter to the school in Indonesia to confirm that it’s not a madrassa. Then they interviewed one of his classmates, who said it’s pretty much the same now as it was when they were enrolled. Not ironclad proof, but given how dubious the story was to begin with, pretty convincing.

And that is but a snapshot of the 2008 universe for the time being.