Gov. Bill Richardson to announce plans soon

This from Fox News:

WASHINGTON — New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson intends to take the first step toward the Democratic presidential nomination, several officials with knowledge of his plans said Friday.

The former congressman, U.N. ambassador and Energy Department secretary is hoping his extensive resume will fuel an insurgent campaign to become the nation’s first Hispanic president.

He plans to announce on Sunday that he will soon file the papers to create a presidential exploratory committee, the officials said. The governor is scheduled to appear on ABC’s “This Week.”

Richardson does have an extensive resume but he’s going nowhere with his White House bid. He’s one of those “good guy” candidates like Joe Biden or Evan Bayh who have no “buzz” like the Obama’s of the world. I might also point out that Richardson received 3% of the latest Gallup poll on the Democratic side. Announcing his intentions might bump him to 4% but it’s not going to the top. Sorry Bill.