Gallup still has Clinton on top (of Obama)

A new Gallup poll out on the 18th shows Hillary still tops Obama among Democrats:

Poll data:

* = Less than 0.5%

Hillary and Obama both dropped slightly while Edwards rose. Al Gore is a joke of some sort. This poll shows bad news for legitimate candidates like Tom Vilsack and Joe Biden who have less than a chance. John Kerry is also a joke.

This poll simply illustrates why I have continued to believe and still believe that Hillary will most likely get the nomination. Obama has something there but nobody knows quite what it is. Hillary will be acclimated to the thrown and take her rightful place as the Democratic nominee. Obama will make a good VP choice and then in 8 years he can run again. At that point, he will have “experience” and he will be acclimated.

I could be wrong but come on! Hillary has been in the running for the 2008 nomination since 2000 and her senate run. I think a Clinton-Obama ticket would be the most powerful duo the Dems could run in 2008. First woman, first black, the mainstream media would have melt over the chance to report it and hail it for years. It would be mentioned in every news cast. Never mind they are both flamingly liberal.