Wednesday roundup

Here’s a bit from around our local blogrolling blogosphere:

Left Side:

Political Buzz has a piece on Hillary’s new tone on Iraq. Here’s an excerpt:

Hillary is getting tough on Iraq in her own cautious way by calling for a cap on US troops in Iraq. But he then blew her chance for any real jump in support from the left by calling for more troops in Afghanistan.

The Right’s Field has the latest on a Zogby Iowa Poll showing Giuliani in the lead:

It’s still way too early to give much credence to these polls, though. Brownback and Huckabee aren’t going to stay at 1%. Giuliani will fall as people realize he was mayor of New York before 9/11/01. Rice is a fantasy candidate and McCain will face more and more sniping by lower-tier candidates once his entry is official. Oh and more than one in five Republican voters in Iowa are undecided.

I agree with their assessment.

Right Side:

Dave Bertrand has a glowing endorsement of Tom Tancredo following his announcement he’ll be running.

Small excerpt:

This could not have come at a better time. All Americans should look closely at Tom Tancredo’s policies for a “Secure America.” He is the last hope we have for a no-nonsense, common-sense approach to the deteriorating traditional values absconded by a far left agenda, “flip-flopping” on every issue, while democratic politicians deceive their own voters.

The Tallahassee Sentinel has a discussion of Mel Martinez taking the reigns at the RNC.

Their thoughts:

So what do we at the Sentinel think? The Martinez flap is a distraction that will probably cost Republicans over the next two years. Fundraising under ideal situations will be more challenging now that Republicans are in the minority in Congress. Add to that divisions in the party over a Martinez chairmanship and you have a recipe for disaster. For these reasons alone, we call on Sen. Martinez to step aside and help the eventual chairman build for 2008.

I concur.

These weekly roundups are fun and I think I’ll continue doing them. Our blogrolls are growing and I couldn’t be happier. I encourage anyone running a political blog who plans on covering 2008, at any extent, to submit their blog and join the organized chaos.