Romney: the conservative “waffles”?

One has to question after his latest string of questions concerning abortion and now apparently gay marriage:

Nearly four dozen pro-family leaders and activists have made public their direct challenge to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who has assembled a committee to explore a run at the presidency in 2008, to document his opposition to homosexual marriages.

And they say he ignored them.

According to the organization, the leaders hand-delivered a letter to the former governor on Dec. 22, before he left office, documenting why they believe he voluntarily instituted directives that created homosexual “marriages” in that state, even though he did not have to.

They asked him to act in response, and they say he didn’t even acknowledge the letter.

Romney did however post a video of himself explaining his stance on gay marriage from 2003.

Romney seems to be the “conservative” that many Christian conservatives love to hate. Republicans had a field day making commercials about John Kerry’s waffling and flip-flops. One assumes that Democrats would make light of the same issues around Romney. However Democrats pointing out that Romney was “pro-choice” is sort of the pot calling the kettle black. Perhaps this will come to light more during primary season from people like Hunter and Tancredo.

The video of him explaining why he is pro-choice is damning to him in the conservative demographic. Although, Romney did post a video response to the first video so perhaps people will look past it. He does have a strong record supporting him now. Only time will tell.

Be sure to check out the Mitt Romney channel on YouTube for more from the Massachusetts Governor.