Tancredo clarifies his intentions

From the Des Moine Register via The Right’s Field:

Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo admitted Sunday that winning the Republican nomination would be a steep uphill battle should he decide to run for president, but entirely worth the effort if it brings his views on illegal immigration to the forefront of U.S. politics.

“It’s delusional to suggest that this would not be anything but a David and Goliath situation, but after all, David won,” Tancredo said at a book signing in West Des Moines. “Things like this happen in politics, but no matter what happens, it will force America to focus on these issues.”

I think Tancredo will run simply to bring the issue back to the forefront.

Good point:

“When people say you’re a one-issue candidate, at least I have one,” he said. “You see men and women seeking office, but it’s the office that drives them, not the issues.”

He does indeed stand for things which is different from many candidates.

Right’s Field also thinks Tancredo will run:

Tancredo is encouraging Scott McInnis to run for Allard’s seat, something he’d probably not be doing if he were running for Senate. This likely means that Tancredo will run for president.

As they also point out, Tancredo originally stated that he would run only if there was no viable candidate with strong views on halting illegal immigration. However, Duncan Hunter of California has been an outspoken supporter of Tancredo’s views and equally strong on the immigration issue. I would say that Tancredo actually has more recognition than Hunter on this issue so perhaps that is his reasoning.