Iraq, The War on Terror, and 2008

Fox News has a piece on how potential candidates are lining up on Iraq.

For example:

12:26:11 EST Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack calls on Congress to block funds for a troop surge in Iraq. He told The Associated Press “Congress basically made a mistake by giving [President Bush] a blank check at the beginning of this process. Now they are basically saying you don’t get a second blank check.”

..and this:

11:19:00 EST The New York Post reports Rudy Giuliani’s spokeswoman Sunny Mindel won’t comment on the former mayor’s position on Iraq, saying only, “He very much looks forward to hearing” the president’s speech Wednesday night.

There is a bit about several other candidates as well.

This is beautiful:

10:15:00 EST Rep. Duncan Hunter, ranking Republican on the House Armed Service Committee reconfirmed his commitment to building a border fence. Speaking to FOX News, Hunter said 250,000 illegal immigrants are in U.S. jails at a cost of $2 billion annually. The cost of incarcerating them would pay for the fence.