Democratic convention city still in limbo

According to Fox News, the Democrats are having a bit of difficulty in securing a location for the ’08 convention.

WASHINGTON — It wasn’t long ago that cities were clamoring to host the 2008 Democratic National Convention, eager for the media attention and economic windfall such high-profile gatherings typically produce.

But Democrats now face a nearly intractable dilemma, choosing between Denver — whose bid is fraught with logistical and financial problems — and New York, whose billionaire mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has cooled to the convention and is refusing to underwrite its costs.

He reiterated his reluctance Friday, telling a radio audience: “We’d love to have them, but I can’t commit the city to pay for a convention. ”

With the party desperate to reclaim the White House after eight years of Republican rule, Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean is under pressure to mount a glitch-free gathering that will showcase its presidential nominee.