Giuliani fumbles, Romney WILL file

Per the New York Daily News:

It’s clearly laid out in 140 pages of printed text, handwriting and spreadsheets: The top-secret plan for Rudy Giuliani’s bid for the White House.

The remarkably detailed dossier sets out the budgets, schedules and fund-raising plans that will underpin the former New York mayor’s presidential campaign – as well as his aides’ worries that personal and political baggage could scuttle his run.

At the center of his efforts: a massive fund-raising push to bring in at least $100 million this year, with a scramble for at least $25 million in the next three months alone.

The loss of the battle plan is a remarkable breach in the high-stakes game of presidential politics and a potentially disastrous blunder for Giuliani in the early stages of his campaign.

Well I don’t know if I’d call it a “disastrous blunder”, it’s more of a minor embarrassment I’d think. I do believe his opponents on both sides would like to knock him off early due to his reasonably high poll numbers and this is probably part of that.

Hot Air has more on the Giuliani debacle.

In other Republican news, Mitt Romney announced the following:

Governor Mitt Romney will submit the necessary paperwork this week to form a presidential exploratory committee, but not until funeral services for President Gerald R. Ford have concluded, according to a top aide familiar with his plans.

Romney will file by tomorrow with the Federal Election Commission, the aide said, a registration that will allow him to raise and spend money in pursuit of the 2008 Republican presidential nomination.