Last news of 2006…

…and it’s mainly about the Dems.

First, Iowa Governer Tom Vilsack was on Fox News Sunday this weekend. There was some talk of 2008.

Second, Edwards is all over this universal health care thing like white on rice.

First though, a bit of Vilsack on FNS:

The setup by Wallace:

WALLACE: Governor, in the time we have left, let’s talk about the 2008 campaign. The Iowa caucus is the first contest. You, of course, are a two-term governor of that state.

Let’s take a look at the polls in Iowa. Here they are. The Research 2000 poll shows you trailing Edwards and Obama. You’re in third place in your own state. Another poll by the American Research Group also shows you in third place, behind Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.

Now, Governor, these are the people who know you best, and yet most of them are saying they don’t want to vote for you for president.

Vilsack’s response:

VILSACK: Well, you know, Chris, those same polls also show that if you include individuals who may become Democrats for purposes of going to the caucus, reaching out and expanding the base of the Democratic Party, that I actually will win Iowa. And I expect to win Iowa.

I, obviously, have to do a job of convincing Iowans that I have a vision for this country. They’re not going to give me a free pass, and they shouldn’t give me a free pass. I should earn this.

So I’ve got work to do. But I am convinced and confident that I will win Iowa.

He may be confident, but I think he’s got a long way to go. Obama and Clinton are big names and Vilsack will have to do much in terms of recognition. In my opinion, Vilsack is probably the least controversial in terms of who could win in a national race.

Now, Edwards is totally playing the government handout card.

WASHINGTON — Democratic presidential contender John Edwards says it is more important to invest in universal health care and lifting people out of poverty than to reduce the budget deficit.

Edwards’ proposal, which includes tax cuts and a million housing vouchers for the poor, may place him at odds with Democrats in charge of the congressional spending committees.

Edwards’ socialism may be out of line with what the new Dems have been screaming about rising deficits but it will appeal to a lot of people who would like the government to take care of them. I think Edwards is sort of living in the liberal fantasy land of government for all and budgets be damned. Then there’s the moral issue of wealth redistribution but most lefties care not to hear it. Furthermore, where does he stand on terrorism, should they have health care too?

I think he would be a disaster and is going nowhere. Hillary will drown him out before Republicans even run one ad against him. As I said before, he’s the boyish liberal who us running on wealth redistribution and staunch socialism. Think “Hillarycare” on steroids.

Happy new year!