Edwards, the boyish liberal

Taking a short perusal of johnedwards.com reveals quite a fluffy campaign platform.

For example, Edwards pledges the following:

We all must take responsibility and take action now to:

* Provide moral leadership in the world
* Strengthen our middle class and end poverty
* Guarantee universal health care for every American
* Lead the fight against global warming
* Get America and other countries off our addiction to oil

Can you get fluffier than “Lead the fight against global warming” or “Provide moral leadership in the world”.

My problem is that I don’t see a bullet point like “Continue the fight against radical Islam” or “Send men with guns after the terrorists”. Instead, we’ll all be getting crappy government-run health care and ridiculous tax hikes to pay for it.

Here’s the fluff in action:

Political Buzz also has more on Edwards’ announcement.

Unfortunately for the North Carolina liberal, Gerald Ford and James Brown both died the week he tried to announce. Even worse for fluffy, Saddam Hussein has been executed which is further drowning his “message”.