Pre-Christmas assessments

Before YD2008 goes dark for several days for the Christmas holiday, I thought I’d post a bit of a pre-holiday assessment for both sides and the apparent “frontrunners”.


Hillary Clinton
Hillary is clearly bulking up, she’ll be announcing in January and my guess is that it will be an affirmative. Obama is the hot new thing to the left but will be easily persuaded to sit this one out to the VP side of things. Hot Air has a video from Hillary on The View talking Obama. It’s funny and quaint, like the “Mother” she is.

Barack Obama
What goes up, must come down, need I say more? He will run but then fold into something else or bow to Hillary. In fact, once everyone gets over the Obamagasm, they’ll wonder just who he is.


John McCain
McCain is busy moving to the right. He’s hemming and hawing a bit. Still the maverick, still the “media darling”, ever the thorn in the side of conservatives.

Rudy Giuliani
Well, he’s ahead in very early polls, he’s generally liked, and he’s got a lot going for him. He’s also got some hurdles. Can he endear himself to the Christian conservatives? I would guess versus a staunch liberal like Hillary, the answer would be yes.

Mitt Romney
Let’s just say he’s been accused of being a flip-flopper. We all know that plagued Kerry but Romney’s got a slightly different story. Will people buy it? I’d guess conservatives would be friendlier with Romney over McCain or Giuliani.

Update on Romney, he now says he’ll announce whether or not he’ll run in January.

With all that being said, Happy Holidays!