Clinton, McCain polls show Hillary down

So far, in meaningless polls taken 23 months before the election, Hillary Clinton hasn’t shined very brightly above McCain or Giuliani. Even Obama is getting more hype than the former first lady.

In a general election match-up, Clinton, a New York senator, trails 14 points behind McCain, an Arizona lawmaker, according to the survey conducted Dec. 8 to 11. Even Republican Mitt Romney, the outgoing Massachusetts governor and an unknown to many voters, runs only 6 points behind Clinton in a two-way race.

These don’t really mean much of anything at this point but I’m sure Hillary and those supporting her would like to see them higher over Republican front runners.

Then there’s this from voters in her own party:

The Democratic primary also presents challenges for Clinton, 59. While 79 percent of registered Democrats and those who say they usually vote for the party’s candidates said they like her, a majority also responded favorably to her closest competitors for the nomination, former North Carolina Senator John Edwards and Senator Barack Obama of Illinois.

Gingrich should take notice of this:

The only other Republican that voters say they know enough to form a strong opinion about is Gingrich, who has the highest unfavorable ratings at 26 percent. Senators Sam Brownback of Kansas and Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, Representative Duncan Hunter of California, former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson and Governor George Pataki of New York all have yet to make an impression on most Republican voters, according to the poll.

Gingrich has baggage, a history, and frankly, there are more exciting candidates on the Republican side. He should find a permanent position hosting FOX News specials because I doubt his new address will be 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.